Linda Clarke – Imago Professional Facilitator 

 Linda  consults at The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre, 23 Bath Road,  Swindon, SN1 4AS and offers counselling for couples, families, groups and organizations to:-

  • Heal Relationship issues
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Assist in conflict resolution
  • Address problems in the workplace

Imago relationship counselling was developed by Harville Hendrix PhD who is the author of the best selling book entitled “Getting the Love You Want”. Dr. Hendrix founded the Imago Relationship Therapy Institute to disseminate his programme to professionals. Today the Institute has an international membership of over 1000 therapists and this dialogical process is taught in over 40 countries.

The core skill of Imago counselling is the imago dialogue which facilitates connection, understanding and self-differentiation.

This will help an individual to:-

  • Have the ability to have different opinions and values than others in an organization or relationship but be able to stay connected in a functional relationship
  • Be able to take responsibility for his/her own role in conflict
  • Acknowledge his/her contribution to conflict


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Does discussing difficult issues always end in a fight?
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Family Counselling

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Is your partner constantly in conflict with your children?
Do you find yourself in perpetual conflict with your children?
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Imago for Organizations

Is your organization rife with conflict?
Are individual and departmental conflicts sabotaging production and growth in your organization?
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