A Workshop for Individuals

In this series of workshops you will learn:-

  • How to identify your Imago, the partner your unconscious mind chose for you
  • How you contribute to the frustrations in your relationships
  • How to let go of old relationship hurts and old reactive ways of being in a relationship
  • How to develop communication skills to talk safely about difficult issues, to express clearly and specifically what you need and to break the negative patterns of connection with others
  • How to develop and implement a personal growth plan to change how you think, feel and behave in a relationship
  • To understand the connection between the frustrations you’ve experienced in past relationships and your frustrations in childhood.
  • How unfulfilled childhood needs impact on your relationships
  • How you sabotage relationships to protect yourself from fears and anticipated hurt
  • How to recognise your defences

Who should attend this workshop?

  • If you are single and want to understand yourself better and learn about the dynamics of intimate relationships
  • You are beginning a relationship that you want to maintain
  • You’re in a marriage/partnership and want to learn more about the unconscious agenda you bring to your relationships.

Upcoming workshops for 2018  TO BE ANNOUNCED





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Attendance at all 6 sessions is essential